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Located in the heart of Udaipur near Delhi Gate, EN Computers has been providing the city with cutting-edge products, services and IT solutions for the last 20 years. We have created a vibrant professional environment to attract, nurture and retain the technical expertise required to meet all your current IT challenges and future business needs. Let us help you strengthen and streamline your core operations, broaden your marketing potential, and globally expose your business activities.

Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Objective

Our company slogan — “Customer satisfaction is our profit, everything else is overhead” — clearly expresses our view that good customer relationships are our most valuable assets and the true hallmarks of our success.

Consultancy Services
A company’s technological infrastructure should support its business strategies, not constrain them. We therefore focus first on our clients’ strategic goals to determine the technologies needed to support their long-term ambitions.Know More..
Computer Hardware & Peripherals
We offer a diverse selection of the finest computer brands including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, D-Link and others. Our skilled sales & service teams ensure our clients immediate response and worry-free reliability. Know More..
Software & Applications
We offer customized software solution development for businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Our team of highly skilled programming professionals can help you fulfill all your current requirements and anticipate your future needs. Know More..
Internet & Web Services
Our expert web designerscan build and deliver internet solutions that meet your specific requirements. From simple websites to complex web applications, EN Computers offers design solutions to enhance your operations & public profile and accelerate your service delivery. Know More..

Networking is a complex aspect of computing technology that underlies and empowers the whole IT Industry. We can help you plan and create your own network systems that integrate internet, telephone, SMS and even video conferencing capabilities. Know More..
Video Surveillance & Security
EN Computers is a true pioneer in local video surveillance services and its innovative “Roaming Eye” police station oversight project first introduced networked CCTV cameras to Udaipur as early as 2006. Know More..
Automation & Innovation
We offer a wide range of Industrial Automation services featuring microprocessor-based utility hardware as well as imaginative hardware solutions with customized embedded software.
Know More..
Alternative Energy Solutions
Alternative energy sources are in big demand today as carbon fuels pollute the air and the world runs low on oil. EN Computers now offers state-of-the-art solar power systems that make good economic and ecological sense. Know More..

Social Entrepreneurial Activity
After a two-year pilot project, our five Merijanmbhumi test sites now link a thousand rural households with migrant urban villagers who still care deeply about their native communities and the friends and families they’ve left behind. Know More..
Media Presentations
We also offer clients a broad range of media services including production of high-impact audio-visual presentations, documentaries, and other sophisticated film products. We are especially skilled at creating work that exploits the natural beauty, rich culture and ancient history of Rajasthan and our native Mewar.Know More..
EN Computers – working to help Udaipur thrive economically and socially.
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Their experience gave us effective new problem-solving approaches.Mr. ChouchanManager, Khetan Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
I could never have managed to create such wonderful documentation of our ancient "Gavari" tradition without them.Harish AgneyaDirector & Writer, Tuneer Films
Their wonderful team and tech expertise helped us??successfully realize the??"Roaming Eye".project.Dinesh M.N.Superintendent of Police, Rajasthan Police